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Ozzie Smiths The rock steady Ozzie Smiths continue to claim the number 1 spot. Currently sitting at a Midtown leading 11-1 record they look to close out the regular season a top of the NL once again. Jamie Pacini has been mowing down opposing teams and Mark Dugan is currently leading the league in home runs with 25.
Paul Molitors The Molitors keep the number 2 spot. Though they have struggled with attendance issues all year they are currently first in the AL and had a full 10 out last week putting a beating on the frisky Thomases. The Molitors are leading the league in team batting average, OBP, and Home Runs. 
John Kruks The Kruks stay put at 3 as we hit fall baseball in 2022 Midtown season. The Kruks has been as solid as always but seem to not have the Home Run power of summers past aside from super stars Andy Felice and Spencer Fox who have both have 13 on the year. They have a game of the week against the Party Boy Guerreros tonight in what could determine 2nd in the NL heading into playoffs.
Jorge Bells The Bells are BACK and make a jump up in the power rankings from 6 to 4. The last decade has seen a few different Bells, with some years of hovering around the bottom of the league. The 2022 Bells have a new look, new attitude and are a true title contender. They are currently second in the league in average and second in the AL in the standings. They have beaten the Molitors and the Fielders this year and can hit with any team in the league. They play the Griffeys next to look to hold onto the number 2 seed heading into playoffs.
Vladimir Guerreros The party boy Guerreros drop from 4 to 5 in these power rankings. Though they handed the Smiths their only loss of the season they lost two in a row in July to the Griffeys and the Gibsons. They are currently 9-4 and third in the NL. Quinner Paulson is having a great year with 19 home runs, somehow dugout DJ Kyle Golding is batting .611, and all star snub Jeremy Reisler continues to stay hot at the plate batting over .700. The Guerreros play their rival Kruks to round out the regular season, expect Fairbanks to be loud, and Bees Knees scattered all over the bleachers.
Cecil Fielders The Fielders are starting to get hot. After a start to their season with attendance issues, some forfeits, losses to teams they dont normally lose to the Fielders are putting it all together when they need to. They have won 4 of their last 5 including beating the Molitors and are looking to catch the Bells for second the AL. Eric Wolfe is currently batting .813 with 22 home runs in 48 ABs and Tim MacKay is quietly sitting at 9 Home Runs. The Fielders play the Thomases in their last regular season game next week.
Kirk Gibsons The Gibsons make a huge jump in this months Power Rankings and are arguably Midtowns hottest team. After a 1-4 start to the season they have won 8 of their last 9 and are sitting at 9-5 only 1.5 games behind the Kruks for the two seed. All star game MVP, Mark "Who do you think you are? I am!" Giddens is having a big year, batting .706 with 17 Home Runs. The Gibsons look to end the regular season with a win against the Bondses.
Dennis Eckersleys The Eckersleys stay put at number 8 in these power rankings. They are currently 7-7 and being led by the hot bats of Mike Britton, Steve Shedletzky, and Alex Jeffrey. They look to hold onto the 4 seed in the AL when they play the Molitors this week. They are a sleeper team in the AL, don't be surprised if they make a playoff push.
Ken Griffey Jrs The Griffeys make a small jump from 11 to 9 in the September Power Rankings. After starting the season 1-4, they currently sit 6-6 with three winnable games left to play. They are currently 5th in the league in batting average and could end up being in the top 3 of the AL standings if they win out. Another AL sleeper team that can make a championship push. October baseball will be fun.
Frank Thomases The Thomases are currently 7-7 right in the thick of the AL. The top of the Thomases order can go toe to toe with any team in the league with Midtown All Star Russell Skeete currently at 17 home runs. They play the Fielders in their last regular season game of the year, there is still a lot of be figured out in the next 10 days with the AL playoff seeding, every game counts.
Peter Roses The Roses stock is on the up. After having 3 All stars and a great all star showing the Roses have the league chatting at the water cooler and their momentum is at an all time high. Ryan Evans and Jack Heron look to keep their bats ablaze as they round out the regular season with two big games against the NL power houses Smiths and Kruks.
Robin Younts The Younts drop three spots this month to number 12, currently sitting at 5-8 on the season. Mark Sheldon made an appearance last game, but no word if he will be around for the playoffs. The Younts have had attendance issues all season and due to rainouts still have 3 games left to try to get to .500 for the season and right in the mix in the AL.
Barry Bondses The Bondses are 4-8 and 6th in the NL. Andrew Stewart, Tyler Meakin, and Justin Laing are all having great seasons at the dish but from a spectators opinion, the injury and loss of local legend Mark Shimoda has been very tough on the Bondses. They look to get hot rolling into the playoffs.
Larry Walkers It has been a tough year for the Walkers, currently at 4-9 and 7th in the NL. Rob "Big Cat" Polci has had a fantastic year at the plate currently batting .739 but they have lost 5 in a row. They look to get a much needed win tonight against the Bondses.
Sammy Sosas The Sosas have won a game, it may have been by forfeit but by putting a win up they leave the Jeters as the only winless team in Midtown. Adam Paton and Bradley Edwards lead the way for the Sosas as they look to round out the regular season strong.
Derek Jeters The Jeters have been improving all year but have not been able to find their first win. They finish the regular season against the Griffeys and the Younts, both winnable games hoping to get a win on the board before playoffs.
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