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Robin Younts Holy Shit the Younts are #1! With three impressive wins over the Griffeys, last years champion Molitors and the Bells, they are the only undefeated team in the AL. Andrew Prior has found his sweet lefty stroke currently hitting .769. They look to keep the momentum rolling at they take on the Hunters next.
Vladimir Guerreros The party boy Guerreros must have thought they were going to be ranked 1. Not so fast fellas, turn the music down for a second. The Guerreros are currently 4-0 with the best record in Midtown with an impressive win against the Gibsons last week. Jesse Warfield is off to an hot start batting .800 with 4 home runs. DJ KG is ready to follow up his stellar 2022 batting .722 through 4 games. It is rivalry week for the Guerreros as they take on the Kruks who are desperate for a win in week 5 Game of the week.
Barry Bondses The Bondses are god damn undefeated! The have started the season 3-0 with a +40 run differential. As a team they are second the league in average with Skipper Tony Moreau leading the club house. Some would argue the biggest reason for the hot start is the return of perennial Cy Young nominee, Blackie. They got their pitcher back, the grill humming and the wins flowing.
Jorge Bells The Bells are off to a great start with big wins over the Molitors and Fielders. Currently sitting at 2-1 the top of their order has off to a fiery pace. With Kuzzy and Billinghurst yet to get the bats fully going, be on the look out for the Bells all season as they have an Midtown Championship on their minds.
Kirk Gibsons The Gibsons round out the top 5 sitting at 2-1 on the season with wins over NL favourites, the Kruks and Smiths. Their one loss came in a 2 run loss to the Guerreros. Currently leading Midtown with a team batting average of .730 they look to roll against the Walkers this week.
Pete Roses The Roses stock is all the way up. No longer the "New Guys" the Roses have found their stride and sit at 3-2 to start the season. They started off the season with a big win against the Smiths and two loses have only come to the undefeated Bondses and Guerreros. Ryan Evans and Neal Steven lead the way at the dish, as they look to jump up the NL standings when they play the Gibsons next.
Cecil Fielders The Fielders start the season at 2-2, very unlike them. The beat the Jeters and Eckersleys and lost to the Bells and Griffeys. Eric Wolfe and Rob Bunting only have a combined 3 Home Run through 2 games, so expect the Fielders bats to start heating up. They play the Molitors next in a rematch of the 2022 AL Finals, will Simpson make the drive in or do they not want to give the Molitor bats reps off him?
Dennis Eckersleys The Eckersleys have started the season strong at 2-1 and second in the AL. They put a beat down on the Griffeys last week and are currently third in the league in team average led by Shedletzky hitting .882 with 3 home runs. If Trevor Potts can continue hitting over .500 for the year this team is staying a top the AL. They play the Molitors next.
Paul Molitors The 2022 Champion Molitors are off to a slow start. Attendance is always an issue for the Molitors and has been a struggle again in May. They are currently 1-2 but have not had more than 8 guys at a game. They currently have the two league leaders in average with Justin Gianfranceso hitting 1.000 with 4 home runs Everett Findlay hitting .889 with 2 home runs. Now is a good time to lay a future bet on the Molitors.
Ozzie Smiths What the hell is going on with the Smiths? They are currently sitting at 1-3 and I dont think have ever been out of the Power Rankings top 5. Their one win came last week against the Kruks with loses to the Roses and Gibsons. Their bats have been cold, they are currently 12th in the league in team average, and not giving Pacini much run support. Expect Duggan and the boys to get back on track and climb back up the standings. They play the Bondses and Guerreros next, can they hand each of them their first loss?
John Kruks And what the hell is going on with the Kruks? They are currently sitting at 1-3 and also for the first time out of the Power Rankings top 5. Their one win of the season came against a Midtown new comer the Johnsons. Currently 13th in the league in team average, I expect the Kruks to get everything in order and start putting a win streak together. They play the party boys this week in what may be a must win.
Ken Griffey Jrs The Griffeys started off the season 0-3 but were able to get their first win last week against the power house Fielders. Jesse Cassaday and Max Sisam have been leading the charge at the dish and are hoping the rest of the boys shake off the winter rust quickly. They expect to finish near the top of the AL and look to turn their first win into a win streak as they take on the Jeters next.
Torii Hunters One of Midtowns new teams, the Hunters have started off the season fast and hot. Currently at 2-1 with wins against the Jeters and Griffeys they took on the Molitors last week and watched a lot of balls sail into the construction zone. They are currently 5th in the league in team batting average with Griff, Gonzalex, Gotkin and Rabinovitch all hitting over .700. Should they be higher in these power rankings? Probably. Do they need to do a little more than hit singles and beat the Jeters to climb the rankings? Definitely. Look out for the Hunters this year, they are new but they are ready.
Larry Walkers The Walkers have started the season 1-3 with their lone win coming against the Johnsons. With a 1-3 record they only have a -7 run differential. Currently 15th in the league in team average, they will shake off the winter cobwebs shortly and start climbing the standings. They face off with the Gibsons next in a huge game in the NL standings.
Randy Johnsons It has been a slow start for the Johnsons, one of the new Midtown teams. They are currently 1-4, but are just getting their feet wet in Midtown. Nathan Forbes leads the way batting .700, this team has a ton of promise and look to get back in the win column against the Bondses this week.
Derek Jeters The Jeters are once again the only winless team in Midtown. Currently 10th in the league in team batting average they need to get in either the weight room of the buffet line to get the power going with 1 home run as a team. This is their year to climb up the AL standings, they will be out of the 16th spot next power rankings, mark my words.
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