Midtown SloPitch Rules

The rules are the same as regular softball rules except for:

  1. Each team can field 10 players maximum. Any number of players less than 7 is considered a default.
  2. Games will consist of 9 innings, or a two hour time limit (whichever comes first). After 5 complete innings, a game is considered official. No new innings should begin after 1 hour 45 minutes.
  3. The plate is extended. A pitched ball hitting any part of the extension or plate is a strike. Pitch must be above 6 feet or else the pitch will be called illegal while it is in the air. With an illegal pitch, the batter has three options:
  4. Each batter steps to the plate with a 1 and 1 count (1 ball and 1 strike)
  5. On the third strike, the batter is allowed 1 foul ball, the 2nd foul is a strike and the batter is out.
  6. Any batter or runner touching home place is out.
  7. Pinch runners are allowed during a game. The team is responsible to ensure that the pinch runner is the most recent player in the batting order who is not currently on base (if unsure, the umpire or scorekeeper can provide the information). If the pinch runner is on base, and it becomes their turn at bat – they will be called out (at bat). Once the batter has reached base and there is a stoppage in play, the substitute runner may enter the game. Pinch runners are only allowed once the player has reached the base.
  8. No sliding into base is allowed. The runner can only leave the base when the batter has made contact with the ball. There is no diving back to the base. Any of these infractions constitutes an automatic out.
  9. There will be a commitment line at the last pole of the dugout on the third base line. Once a runner is past this line, they are committed to running home. The runner is then out if the catcher received the ball and touches the plate before the runner crosses the extended 1st base line. No player is allowed to tag runner after crossing commitment line.
  10. Out of bound rules:
  11. Infield fly rule is in effect- Any fly ball hit within the infield with less than 2 out, and with runners at least on 1st and 2nd will result in batter being called out. Note- runners are not forced to advance.
  12. All players will bat, even if they are not playing in the field.
  13. Team must follow batting order given to the umpire at the beginning of the game.
  14. Only the captain or assistant captain may address the umpire. When addressing the umpire, the captain is expected to be courteous.
  15. Verbal abuse of an umpire will result in ejection from the game and a possible suspension.
  16. No hard casts may be worn by players or base coaches.
  17. The mercy rule for an inning is 6 runs. Once the 6th run has scored, if the play is still live, the defence has to touch the plate to end the inning. All runs scored after the 6th run and before the defence touches the plate will count (up to a maximum of 9 runs).
  18. If the game is tied after 9 innings and under 1 hour 45 minutes, we will play extra innings. If tied tied and over 1 hour 45 minutes, we will go to a swing off.
  19. Before each game, the umpires will measure out a pitching box 40-50 feet from the front of the plate, measuring two feet sided to side. This measurement will constitute the pitching area. Pitchers must complete their windup with one foot in the pitching area. Any pitch thrown where the pitcher does not finish their windup within the pitching area will be considered an automatic ball.
  20. There is absolutely no batting practice before games. Each team will be allowed to run an infield as long as time allows for it.
  21. Only bats and balls provided by the league may be used in games.
  22. Players must play a minimum of 50% of the season in order to qualify for playoffs. If a player has played less than 50% of the games, the team manager may file a request for playoff privileges to the commissioner outlining the reason as to why the player should have the chance to play.
  23. No player may play for more than one team during a season. As soon a player has played one out or had one at bat, their allegiance is confirmed for the full season.
  24. A 24 hour notice for weekday games and a 48 hour notice for weekend games is required for all defaults. The default score is 9-0. If the defaulting team does not cancel their game within a 4 hour window of the game time, the default score will be 27-0. If no notice is given, the first default will result in a fine equal to 1/15th of the league fee (2019 fine is $233). The fee will be added onto next year's team fee. The second default where no notice is given will result in the team's expulsion from the league for the following season.
  25. In case of rain, check for game cancellation on the Midtown Website around 4:00 p.m. The decision to postpone a game due to weather will be made no later than 5:00 p.m. the day in question.
  26. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Conduct such as fighting, taunting, verbal abuse, forms of intimidation, uttering threats, throwing equipment, and any other conduct deemed unsportsmanlike WILL NOT BE CONDONED and will be punished with a minimum one game suspension.

  27. Midtown COVID-19 Policies - Adapted from SloPitch National Recommendations
  28. Personal Protection
  29. Arrival/Departure at the Fields
  30. Social Distancing During Warm Ups, Games and Post-Game
  31. Umpires
  32. Teams and or players who do not adhere to the suggestions put forth by league and event organizers risk being unable to participate. It is imperative that all participants conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. Failure to accept the necessary measures put forward by league or event organizers shall not be tolerated. Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.
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